Why Serial?

I’ve had a few readers ask me why I’m choosing to release ‘Breakdown’ as a serial instead of waiting for the entire thing to be finished, so I thought I’d do a short write up explaining my thought process here.

The idea of writing ‘Breakdown’ in episodes was born out of necessity. I wanted to write a book and share it with others, but I knew myself well enough that I was concerned I’d start and never finish. Between my full time office job, being a daddy to two wonderful girls under the age of two, and making an attempt at being a good husband to my very patient wife, I knew I had to break this process down into bite-sized pieces.

There’s another reason I’m choosing to write this way, though. Writing as a serial lets me escape the boundaries of pacing that a traditional novel follows. A traditional novel, as I’m sure you’re aware, generally follows a pattern of rising action, climax, and then conclusion. By bucking this trend and writing as a serial, I’m able to focus purely on 10,000 words at a time, viewing each episode like an episode of a television show. I want to tell part of the ‘complete’ story arc, but I also want that episode to be entertaining as a standalone. This medium allows me to do both of those things.

The final reason I wanted to write ‘Breakdown’ as a serial is that it allows me to tell the complete story of my characters without resorting to the “6 months later” mechanism a lot of post-apocalyptic writers resort to out of necessity. I love this genre, and often times I see writers skip ahead in time and I’m left wondering at the details of what those months were like. I understand why they needed to do it, but I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of telling the story of those ‘6 months’, or however much time I’d need to skip to make the page count work.

In short, it allows me a lot of freedom as a writer to create a story that has a chance to grow and evolve. That’s just the way I like it.

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