The first ‘Running on Empty’ story is off to the editors!

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the sun never shines, and terrible things wait in the darkness. The only safe havens are small townships and larger ‘Citadels’ that have been partially or completely walled off.

Information travels slowly between towns, and like a game of ‘telephone’, the further you go from the source, the more suspect the tale.

This story follows two couriers (think pony express in a Mad Max world), Preacher and Ghost, who are a bit down on their luck.

Down to less than a quarter tank of gas, they take on a job from a stranger that winds up being a bit more than they can chew…


Look for ‘Running on Empty: Tape #1’ soon.


In other news, the first season (episodes 1-5) of Breakdown are now available in paperback! Check it out here. If you’ve already read these episodes, do me a favor and leave a review. They really help!


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