So this week I’ve been on vacation.. a stay-cation I guess folks are calling it these days since I didn’t leave town. The week so far has been pretty incredible. The added time with my two darling daughters, my lovely wife, and the fact that I’ve been spending my mornings at the library writing Episode 7 have all been wonderful things. I’ve been low stress, and writing roughly three times what my typical word count goal is. Not too shabby.

Another cool thing that happened this week (so many great things) is the fact that the audiobook version of “Breakdown: Season 1” has gone live on Amazon and Audible (should be on iTunes soon as well).

If you’re interested, you can find it here:


or here:



I hope your week is as lovely as mine has been.

Have a great weekend,



Now in Audio!

Breakdown: Season 1 now available in audio!

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