How I Write Every Day with Writer’s Block Pro and Cold Turkey

Hey folks, just a quick progress update for you today. I can say that the first draft of Running on Empty has reached the half way marker, and my lofty goal is to complete the first pass by the end of May.

How, you might ask?

Well, I’ve made some changes in my life.

First, I’ve started using a program called Cold Turkey. Basically it allows me to set a schedule of when I’ll block certain things, like social media and video games. It’s nice to have large chunks of time regularly scheduled where I know I can’t play games or procrastinate on the web. So generally I spend that time with family, do work in the yard, cook dinner, and write. All good things. It also lets me schedule a period of time for when I don’t want the system to let me log into windows. Say, for example, when it’s bedtime. If I’m using my nightly leisure time to do some gaming, and lose track of time, it’ll shut down right at 10 PM (the time I’ve set it to do so). It works like a charm.

Second, there’s another nifty program called ‘Writer’s Block Pro’. Basically it allows me to set a goal of either a word count (my preferred choice), or a period of time. Once I launch the program (an extremely simplified word processor), it goes full screen and WILL NOT close until I’ve met my goal. It’s beautiful when combined with Cold Turkey.

So, if I manage to stay on pace, I’ll write roughly 120 pages this month, if not more, and finish up that rough draft. Yay!


What about you? Have you used any similar tools to help you reach your goals? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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