Available now!

Episode 4 Available Now!

Episode 4 of ‘Breakdown’ is available now on amazon. Click the image below and you’ll be taken straight to it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

Why Serial?

I’ve had a few readers ask me why I’m choosing to release ‘Breakdown’ as a serial instead of waiting for the entire thing to be finished, so I thought I’d do a short write up explaining my thought process here. The idea of writing ‘Breakdown’ in episodes was born out of necessity. I wanted to write a book and share …

Jordon had a Breakdown

Well, to be honest, at this point I’ve had two. Two episodes. Of Breakdown. My book. Please feel free to check them out here, and here. Work on Episode 3 is ongoing. ETA is Mid-March. I’ll keep you posted as that estimate gets a bit more concrete.   Thanks again for all of your wonderful support! Also, I have some …